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Our two-fold mission is to provide strategic and intuitive career transition counseling and services to individuals in employment transition and entrepreneurial development and to provide cutting-edge and highly effective performance improvement services to corporations, organizations and associations. We are extremely gratified to receive testimonials like these from our valued clients.

In Their Words...

Gail Geary is the recognized expert in career transition for the over-forty worker.
Laurine Page, SPHR
HR Manager, Earthlink, Inc.
Dear Gail,
I will be moving to Washington DC in January where I will spend several months preparing for service in a US Embassy somewhere in the world. As an economic officer, I will work to help develop and implement US Foreign Economic policies. I will work with government officials in other nations to develop business opportunities for American companies. I will also have numerous unofficial ministry opportunities in my new position. The family and I are excited about these new challenges and are eager to start my new career. Thanks again for all the help you gave to me as I was seeking employment upon my return from Ghana. I was really getting discouraged and you did quite a bit to help boost my confidence and give me a plan to find a new job.
May God bless you and your family in the New Year. (2005)
Merry Christmas!
Jimmy Mauldin
I have benefited greatly by having Gail as a career transition consultant. She is exceptionally talented in creating a portfolio: cover letter, resume, and success stories. She is a person who listens, ask questions, and positively guides you in your career direction.
Laurence E. Sanders
General Manager, Sanders & Associates International, LLC
Gail Geary is well regarded in our career coaching community as a true career transition expert for the over-40 worker. In her popular Age as an Advantage seminar, Gail teaches mature professionals how to emphasize their strengths and mute negative stereotypes for successful job searches and career changes — a highly valuable service.
L. Michelle Tullier, Ph.D.
Senior Career Management Consultant, Right Management Consultants;
Author Networking for Job Search and Career Success
I worked with Gail as my career transition coach. She helped me transition into a career which provides me with a more balanced lifestyle, locating companies that fit my "ideal profile".
Scott Perrell
Sr. Project Manager, The Weather Channel
Gail Geary has presented twelve programs for Matrix Resources including "Ticked Off! Donít Let Time Manage You!"; "Regaining Control in Times of Chaos (Using Change to Reinvent Yourself and Your Business)"; and "How to Create Win-Win Situations with Difficult People". "Creating Win-Win Situations with Difficult People" has been incredibly popular. Our Birmingham office said that it was the most inspiring program that they had received. She has presented this for us on five different occasions. Gail is an entertaining presenter with high well-researched content. She has an intuitive ability to connect with all levels of our audiences. I highly recommend Gail.
Kimberly Knapik
Matrix Resources
I feel comfortable in referring clients to Gail because she understands the current job market and current job search techniques, and she has the knowledge and expertise to help people discover and implement their new careers.
Susan Boone
Atlanta Therapist
Gail has co-presented and has been my subcontractor for the past six years. We have presented continuing education programs for court reporters and CPA's across the country. Our Managing Stress with Humor and Time Management have been very well attended. For the past year, Gail's program, How to Create Win-Win Situations with Difficult People has been our leader. Gail has received "rave reviews" in terms of presentation and content. She is easy to work with, proactive, and gives 150% in her presentations to guarantee that the presentation is personalized — even in large groups of over 200 people.
Jeff Justice
Corporate Comedy
Gail has been a tremendous help in my most recent job search. Her knowledge of the hiring process is unmatched and her approach is effective. I appreciate her insight, hard work and advice during the process. Job transitions are difficult, but Gail has been a great encouragement during the process. I appreciate her positive energy, follow through and expertise in providing guidance on resume development, interviewing skills, and the job search.
Franklin "Frank" Rhodes
At a time when I was at a loss on how to even begin looking for a new career path, Gail showed an exemplary skill in showing me the best course of action to doing just that. Gail was the best in helping me with being able to manage tasks and keeping me on the right track. She helped me with networking and how it was done by introducing me to a number of great contacts that I am still in touch with to this day […] I recommend Gail for anyone that needs that extra bit of guidance and expertise that is needed to help you find the perfect fit for you and your future.
Marc Norton

Atlanta Career Transition is pleased to share with you the comments of some of our many satisfied clients.