"Gail is an entertaining presenter with high well-researched content. She has an intuitive ability to connect with all levels of our audiences. I highly recommend Gail."
"I have benefited greatly by having Gail as a career transition consultant."
"Dear Gail, […]Thanks again for all the help you gave to me[…] I was really getting discouraged and you did quite a bit to help boost my confidence and give me a plan to find a new job."
Atlanta Career Transition

Atlanta Career Transition

Atlanta Career Transition — Serving Individuals, Corporations, Organizations, and Associations

Atlanta Career Transition has a two-fold mission:

Gail Geary, JD, is the principal of Atlanta Career Transition and is the author of "Your Next Career".
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Your Next Career

Gail Geary's Your Next Career helps you make your age a career advantage.
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