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Your Next Career

As a mature adult seeking a new career or starting an entrepreneurial venture, you have two choices: You can unconsciously sabotage yourself through fear, over-confidence, pride, and so on, or you can be your own best friend in your career search and "wow" a future employer with your impressive, updated awesome resume; your stylish and energetic self-presentation; and your savvy interview skills. Fortunately, you don't have to do it on your own.

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In her landmark book, "Your Next Career", Gail provides timely advice on how to make a sucessful career change.

Your Next Career helps you

In this book, Gail gives you the insider's slant on what works and what doesn't. Her knowledge comes from over a decade of presenting workshops and coaching clients in the midst of career transitions. She has worked with major corporations and their clients as well as individual clients in every industry sector including, financial, airline, manufacturing, automotive, retail and healthcare.

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"Gail Geary is the recognized expert in career transition for the over forty worker."
Laurine Page, SPHR
HR Manager,
Earthlink, Inc.