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Free Resources and Links for Career Information

A variety of useful Web resources with everything from franchise opportunities to job-search listings.

  1. Indeed is a search engine for jobs, allowing job seekers to find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards. It is known as a consolidator. You can have job openings sent to your e-mail to save time.

  2. Simply Hired
    Simply Hired is a vertical search engine company based in Silicon Valley. Their goal is to build the largest online database of jobs on the planet and to make finding your next job a simple yet effective, enjoyable journey. You can have job openings sent to your e-mail to save time.

  3. Linked In
    LinkedIn is the top site for online networking and for employers and recruiters to find you. Add your resume and picture, and get as many recommendations as possible. Sign up for free training.

  4. AARP
    This site addresses the needs of those 50 and older including information and current research on economic security and work issues.

  5. American Business Womenís Association
    Inexpensive womenís club in almost every city with infinite networking and educational possibilities.

  6. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Very helpful site of statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor. Contains employment history and projected future trends.

  7. Business & Legal Reports
    This site is helpful for obtaining job descriptions and checking out salary ranges.

  8. Career Journal
    Recommended job search site, including open positions, resume posting and cutting edge research including open positions, resume posting, and helpful career articles.

  9. Crossroads Career Network
    Non-denominational ministries offering networking, guest speakers, and helpful career advice.

  10. Employment Atlanta
    Employment agency and recruiter for accountants and bookkeepers in Atlanta, Georgia.

  11. EntreWorld: Resources for Entrepreneurs
    For information about franchise opportunities check out this site.

  12. Forbes
    A free database of the U.S. top companies ranked by their financials. You can print a list by industry and state. Then you will need to locate complete contact information on individual Web sites.

    This site offers a wealth of information about franchise opportunities and the pros and cons of the experience.

  14. JIST Publishing
    As Americaís most famous career publisher and Gailís publisher, JIST Publishing has a variety of books, assessments, and other resources to offer a job seeker.

  15. Living to 100
    This site gives projections on how long you will live, giving you an idea about how long you might need to work.

    This large job bank has job openings, opportunity for job postings, career advice, and opportunity to network for advice and referrals.

    Do you want to know how your salary or offer stacks up with others in your occupational or geographical area? Use one of the calculators offered at this site to strengthen your negotiating powers.

  18. Senior Job Bank: Ability is Ageless
    Jobs for mature workers.

  19. Seniors4Hire
    Opportunities for mature workers.

  20. Small Business Administration
    The Small Business Administration Web site offers an online tutorial, My Own Business, that covers many of the aspects of starting your own business, and mentors are available for guidance.

  21. Society for Human Resource Management
    The Human Resource Professional Web site; this site offers information on updating credentials, re-entering the workforce or entering the workforce.

  22. Telecommuting Jobs
    Use this Web site to connect with telecommuting jobs.

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