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Strategic Sales Training

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Strategic Sales Training


This dynamic seminar is designed for inside and outside sales professionals who want to overcome their call reluctance and meet and exceed weekly, monthly and annual call and income goals. The seminar is unique in presenting an innovative — yet proven — method to make annual sales goals both predictable and possible. The benefits of this seminar include enhanced professional selling skills, invigorated sales motivation, and increased new business predictability.

This seminar is available as a one- or two-day program, and individual modules can be selected for half-day seminars. The material can be tailored to sales professionals and sales managers.


This seminar will cover


Half-Day Seminars:
Fees start at $2500 [*]

Full Day Seminars:
Fees start at $3000 [*]

* Discounts are available for multiple programs. Additional charges may apply for program customization, out-of-town presentation and participants' materials.

Facilitator Biography:

Gail Geary, JD is a popular seminar presenter noted for high content delivered in an entertaining package. She is a former corporate attorney and mediator as well as a past Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Aon Group, an international insurance brokerage. At the Aon group, she was the top international sales professional out of 17,000 employees.

Gail is the president of Atlanta Career Transition and is a career management consultant for Right Management Inc. She is the author of Your Next Career, Do What You Always Wanted to Do

Gail makes a positive difference through professional development and continuing education programs for organizations and individuals. Her expertise includes conflict resolution, time management, leadership development, strategic sales training, change management, and career transition and development. Her clients include Heery International, the US Department of Education, Delta Airlines, Georgia State University, BellSouth, the Aon Group, La Roche, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Matrix Resources and TriMont Real Estate Advisors.

You can contact Gail at 770-804-8449, 1-888-670-4157 or e-mail her at

Participants enhance their professional selling skills and increase sales motivation and new business predictability.