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If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, Atlanta Career Transition can help.

Read on, and please feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

For over a decade, Atlanta Career Transition has helped over 1,200 individuals of all ages find new jobs and start their own entrepreneurial ventures. Our specialty is helping mature professionals — the over-forty crowd — attain exciting and rewarding new positions.

Age is an advantage, and we can help you exploit that advantage in your career search!

Services & Deliverables

Atlanta Career Transition offers a variety of services and deliverables, designed to address the unique needs of our clients. After we assess your needs, we will recommend a package of services to meet your goals. These are the services we provide:

  1. Initial 2-Hour Consultation
    We meet with you in person or by telephone to assess your goals and needs and establish SMART career transition goals.

  2. Virtual Support
    We provide positive motivational support throughout the process via telephone and e-mail.

  3. Wow, Ageless Resume
    We help you create a wow, ageless resume that compels hiring managers to call you in for an interview.
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  4. Standout Cover Letter
    We help you create a standout cover letter that gets your resume noticed.

  5. Effective E-Resume
    We deliver a scannable and browsable e-resume for posting on the Internet and e-mailing to prospective employers.

  6. Your Next Career
    We give you an autographed copy of this revolutionary guide to doing what you always wanted to do.
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  7. Career Assessments for Career Change and Career Development
    We perform a formal career assessment, using Myers-Briggs (MBTI®), Career Exploration Inventory (C.E.I), and Birkman Direct.
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  8. Creation Of Meaningful Career Objective
    We assist you in establishing one or more meaningful career objectives.

  9. Targeted Market Research & Strategic Mailing Campaign
    We help you locate companies in the industries and locations of your preference and assist in a strategic mailing campaign.

  10. Dynamic Interview & Salary Negotiation Coaching
    We coach you on handling the most challenging interview situations, including strategies and techniques for answering behavioral and situational questions.

  11. Executive Presentation Enhancement Coaching
    We teach you how to project executive presence in all employment situations.

  12. Networking Skills
    We teach you networking skills and invite you to networking events. We also teach you how to use Linked-In for effective online networking.

  13. Complimentary Leads
    We provide complimentary leads from job banks and our personal contacts.

PackagesPopular Packages

Over time, we have found that many clients benefit from these service packages [*see footnote]:

The Complete Resume Package ("CRP")
This is a very popular package for individuals who know the career they want to pursue.

The Career Change Package ("CCP")
If you are starting a new career or making a career change, this package may be for you. The CCP package includes all features of the complete resume package. Plus, it includes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) career assessment or the Birkman Career Assessment that you can take online. The MBTI helps you identify occupational categories; select a specific job or career; identify strengths and weaknesses in your career search and development and make a successful career transition. It also includes two full months of career coaching.
($795 with Myers-Briggs; $895 with Birkman)

The Executive Total Career Makeover Package ("ECM")
Especially designed for executives who want to accelerate their career potential. This ECM package includes all features of the Complete Resume Package and features the Birkman Direct® assessment, considered by many career experts to be the premier assessment for career guidance, management and transition, as well as individual and leadership development and executive coaching. This package also includes targeted market research and strategic mailing; recruiter and company contacts, dynamic interview and salary negotiation coaching; executive presentation enhancement and three full months of career coaching.

The Virtual Resume Package ("VRP")
This extremely affordable package is designed for busy people who want to have their professional resumes prepared virtually and who do not require a 2-hour initial consultation. What's more, the elements of this package can be purchased a la carte! After I receive and review your your current resume and/or cover letter, we will confer by phone for up to 45 minutes to clarify your objectives.

Summary of Packages

1. Initial 2-Hour Consultation Yes! Yes! Yes!  
2. Virtual Support Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
3. Wow, Ageless Resume Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
4. Standout Cover Letter Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
5. Effective E-Resume Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
6. Over-40 Job Search Guide Yes! Yes! Yes!  
7. Career Assessment   Yes! Yes!  
8. Creation Of Meaningful Career Objective   Yes! Yes!  
9. Targeted Market Research & Strategic Mailing Campaign       Yes!  
10. Dynamic Interview & Salary Negotiation Coaching     Yes!  
11. Executive Presentation Enhancement Coaching     Yes!  
12. Networking Skills   Yes! Yes!  
13. Complimentary Leads   Yes! Yes!  

[*Footnote] If you wish to mix or match career transition services please call 1-888-670-4157 to discuss, schedule an appointment, and to arrange payment. Executive coaching and other consulting services are $100 an hour in person or by telephone with a two-hour minimum.

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Outplacement Services

We provide outplacement services in the form of individual career transition programs as well as two- and three-day career transition workshops. Please contact Gail for details.

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Why use the services of Atlanta Career Transition?

Individuals who use our services are employed more quickly in meaningful careers at higher salaries.