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Helping Individuals and Organizations

The professionals of Atlanta Career Transition have the experience and expertise to assist:

Atlanta Career Transition serves both individuals and organizations as they cope with the career transition and career development challenges of today's employment climate.

For Individuals and Organizations:

From coping with change, to creating a "wow" resume and standout cover letter, to shining in interviews, to salary negotiations, Atlanta Career Transition helps individuals face each step of the career transition process armed with confidence and the tools to ensure success.

Career Transition & Development Services:
Every client has a unique set of needs. With over 25 years of experience counseling individuals on career transition, Atlanta Career Transition has helped over 1,200 individuals take their next career steps. Read the details about our suite of Career Transition & Development services.

Complete Resume Package:
Making a favorable impression in a job interview is, of course, of paramount importance. However, if your resume doesn't get noticed, you might never have the opportunity to present yourself to employers. Atlanta Career Transition Services can help you create a resume that says, "Wow! Interview me!" Read the details about our complete resume package.

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For Organizations:

For over a decade, Atlanta Career Transition has provided professional development services to corporations, organizations and associations through our workshops, seminars and keynote addresses. We even have special expertise in training virtual office (telecommuting) employees.

A few of our most popular seminars:

Conflict Resolution
Our very popular seminar, "Creating Win-Win Situations With Difficult People", cuts through the misconception that conflict is negative and unnatural and teaches participants how to work through conflict to build positive relationships and achieve desired results.
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Time Management
There is no magic pill for achieving the proper balance between a productive work life and a satisfying personal life, but our popular seminar, "Negotiating the Work/Life Time Balance", offers some very helpful values-based guidance.
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Leadership Development
Leading people to greatness is no simple task. Our seminar, "The Dynamic Leader", helps managers address the individual challenges of leadership, including assessing and improving personal leadership behavior.
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Strategic Sales
Successful selling is both an art and a science. Our innovative seminar, "What to Do If that Dog Don't Hunt!", is designed for inside and outside sales professionals who want to overcome their call reluctance and meet and exceed weekly, monthly and annual call and income goals.
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Change Management
Adapting to change is a vital survival skill. Our seminar, "Embracing Chaos and Change", helps participants increase their adaptability in the face of constant business change.
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Why use the services of Atlanta Career Transition?

Individuals who use our services are employed more quickly in meaningful careers at higher salaries.

Corporations who use our services experience improvements in morale, new business sales, and change adaptability.