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Is your resume surviving the 30-second skim?

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Your cover letter and resume are the key elements of your sales brochure — the first advertising pieces your prospective employer will see.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your resume say, Wow! Interview me! ?
  2. Does it focus on accomplishments instead of duties?
  3. Is your resume Ageless, or do your years of experience, language, and format encourage age discrimination?
  4. Is it in the most current and widely accepted format?
  5. Are you using the appropriate resume format (chronological, functional, hybrid) for your unique situation?
  6. Is your e-resume scannable and browsable?
  7. Have you been complimented on your cover letter by a hiring manager?
  8. Have you employed a headliner and stressed benefits in your cover letter?
  9. Have you designed a resume portfolio including your success stories”?
  10. The bottom line is are you getting the interviews you deserve?

The above quiz may have been an eye-opener. You may want to hire a professional.

At Atlanta Career Transition we design Wow! Ageless resumes and Standout cover letters that survive the 30- second skim and generate interviews. And, we also assist you in creating a Dynamic Resume Portfolio that cries, "Keep me! Interview me! I'm special."

Why Go It Alone?

We are here to assist you in designing the resume package you need. We can work in person, by telephone, and on-line.

Contact us with your specific resume needs and we will be happy to provide you with prices. In fact, you can send us your resume for a free evaluation, and we will contact you!

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